Living Life in Different Perspective

Diverse experiences mold our outlook on life—some follow defined paths, others seek constant exploration. Cultural background, education, and environment shape our beliefs and choices. Living in varied places and engaging with diverse cultures expands our worldview. While some attribute life to astrology, others credit upbringing. Ultimately, it's our responsibility to maximize our potential, creating a vibrant, fulfilling life. Life's canvas is ours to paint; we choose its shades and strokes. Each of us holds a unique perspective, crafting our journey through this intricate tapestry


3/1/20232 min read

Living Life in Different Perspectives

People are complex beings with different perspectives and experiences that shape their worldview. They have their own desires, aspirations, and motivations that drive them to live their lives in a certain way. Some people live their lives according to a set of rules or principles, while others take a more open-ended approach, constantly exploring and experimenting with new ideas and experiences.

For some, sticking to one particular path, such as being a good cook or a great writer, is their way of achieving fulfillment. Others, on the other hand, may find this limiting and uninteresting, preferring to live their lives in a more adventurous and exploratory manner.

One's cultural background, upbringing, and environment play a crucial role in shaping their perspectives and worldview. For instance, someone who grew up in a conservative religious family may have a different perspective on life than someone who grew up in a more liberal or secular environment. The former may be more inclined to follow a set of predetermined rules or beliefs, while the latter may be more open to exploring different ideas and perspectives.

Living in different places, experiencing different cultures, and speaking different languages can broaden one's perspective on life. Being open to listening and learning from others can also contribute to one's growth and development as a person. However, in some cultures, stepping out of one's known environment and beliefs can be frowned upon or even forbidden.

Ultimately, each person's life experiences and personality traits shape their worldview and how they choose to live their lives. Some may attribute it to astrology, while others may believe it is a product of their upbringing. Whatever the case may be, it is up to the individual to make the most of their life and strive to live it to the fullest.

Sometimes, life can be like a picture that we draw or a scene that we play. We have the power to choose what kind of role we want to play in the picture and what kind of scene we want to create. Do we want it to be happy and colorful or dark and brooding? It is up to us to decide what we want to change to make it more appealing to ourselves and to others.

In conclusion, people are complex beings with different perspectives on life. Each person has their own unique experiences, beliefs, and desires that shape their worldview and how they choose to live their lives. It is up to each individual to make the most of their life and strive to live it in a way that is fulfilling and rewarding.

By: Reza Sahraei