About me

Reza Sahraei

Born in 1970 in Tehran, my journey led me to pursue Mechanical Engineering at IUST. Eventually, destiny guided me to Toronto, Canada, which I have proudly called home since 2000. Over two decades, I devoted myself to my studies and a successful career in the same field.

In January 2020, a significant milestone illuminated my path – achieving financial freedom. This marked my entrance into the realm of FIRE, or Financial Independence, Retired Early. With intentions to bid farewell to my engineering role by June 2020, life's course took an unforeseen twist with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic. Three months earlier than anticipated, circumstances propelled me into an early retirement*.

However, this shift in pace provided an opportunity to explore passions and endeavours I had nurtured on the side for decades. While some were already flourishing, others awaited my discovery. The culmination of my recent years of study, combined with a lifetime of diverse experiences, has given rise to the content you are currently engaging with.

Amidst this transformative phase, my fondness for writing has blossomed into a prominent in-development interest. Nevertheless, my enduring passion for teaching remains unwavering. Influenced by remarkable individuals from across the globe, I firmly believe in the influential power of spreading positivity, particularly in today's digital era.

The digital landscape presents an extraordinary platform for all of us to contribute positively – a space to share innovative ideas, unique perspectives, and enriching worldviews. Be it through visuals, words, clips, music, or other creative mediums, the dissemination of uplifting content carries the potential to enhance lives.

Visualize this platform as the opening curtain, the teaser to my Upcoming adventures. Envision embarking on a thrilling adventure together. I am poised to unveil the behind-the-scenes glimpses of my life, my aspirations, and the valuable lessons I've gathered along the way. And your role? Well, you're akin to the ultimate co-pilot, accompanying me on this exhilarating journey. Prepare for an exciting ride, as this rollercoaster promises to blend wisdom, wit, and a dash of wild!

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